In order to give files to another person, apply "Web publishing(Web公開)". "Web publishing(Web公開)" is the operation to make files and folders visible in the browser.

  1. Create a folder (to give multiple files)
  2. Upload files to the folder.
  3. Apply "Web publishing (Web公開)" to the folder.
  4. Send the generated URL representing the "Web publishin" location.
  5. Anyone can download files from the URL

By creating a folder for web publication in advance, uploading multiple files under it, publishing the folder on the web, you can publish multiple files at once. Creating a folder is unnecessary when passing only one file.

To create a folder, click Create new folder (新規フォルダ作成) (Create new folder) in left side menu. Then, Fig.3 will be displayed. In the screen, specify the folder name and click 新規フォルダ作成(Create).

Fig.3 Create a folder.

To upload a file to be published, first move it to the folder you want to upload the file ("外部提供用 (External offer)" in Fig.4), and click Upload of the left menu list. There are two ways to upload files, "drag and drop" or select files individually. Fig.4 shows an example image of "drag and drop". If the screen to be individually selected is displayed, click Drag and Drop to switch to the drag and drop screen. On this screen, open the window of the file list with Explorer for Windows, Finder for Mac, and drag and drop the file you want to publish. However, this function can not be used unless Java is enabled.

Fig.4 Upload files.

If you do not check "Overwrite if same file name (同じファイル名の場合は上書きする)" at the top of the screen in Fig.4, or if there is already a file with the same name, an error occurs after uploading the file. If you do not check "Publish web after uploading (アップロード後にWeb公開する)", you will need to do web publishing operation after upload. When you finish specifying the file, click "Upload". Clicking "Return to List (一覧に戻る)" will cancel all upload file specifications.

By checking "Publish Web after uploading (アップロード後にWeb公開する)" on the screen in Fig.4, you can publish these files individually after uploading. If you want to publish web individually afterwards, click 詳細(Detail). On the screen displaying in Fig.5, click "Web publishing settings (Web公開の設定)" at the bottom.

Fig.5 Detailed information on file / folder.
Fig.6 Web Publishing Settings Screen.

Fig.6 shows the web publishing setting screen. If necessary, set the download count, expiration date, password. If you set "Web publish" without specifying anything, there is no limit on the number of times, the deadline is 4 weeks until the file is deleted, no password. The URL for publishing is sufficiently complicated. Even without a password, the risk of file downloading by others is low.

You can get the URL of the file you want to pass to the other by the following procedure.


Mouse over to right web icon in the line of web published file. Then the following window will open.


Click the URL to open the download screen. By clicking on the envelope icon on the right side, the mail sending screen containing the URL will open. You can set mail destination address, and add messeges to the mail. and send the mail to the person who wants to receive the file.

Your sending mail will be received like Fig.7. Click on this URL to download the file.

Fig.7 File downloading mail.