Squirrelmail webmail system is provided. The URL of Squirrelmail is shown below.

Click "Old webmail login" in the Webmail site, and and login with your SSO-KID and password.

  • After logging in, a list of mails is displayed.
  • When you click the mail you want to read, the mail body is displayed.
  • If you press the delete button (trash box icon), the displayed mail will move into the trash can.
  • Press "Delete" on the trash can to delete the mail completely.
  • Pressing "Create Message" starts the creation of new mail.
  • Fill in the destination address, subject, and body.
  • Attach the file if necessary.
  • Finally press "send" button

Crick "Reply" or "Reply to all" to create reply mail. Reply mail sending is the same as for new mail.