Roundcube webmail system is provided. The URL of Roundcube is shown below.

Please select "New Web Mail Login" from the Webmail site, and login with your SSO-KID and password.

  • After logging in, a list of mails is displayed.
  • When you click the mail you want to read, the mail body is displayed.
  • If you press the delete button (trash box icon), the displayed mail will move into the trash can.
  • Press "Delete" on the trash can to delete the mail completely.
  • Press "Create new message" to create new mail.
  • Fill in the destination address, subject, and body.
  • Attach a file if necessary.
  • Finally press "send" button.

Crick "Reply" or "Reply to all" to create reply mail. Reply mail sending is the same as for new mail.

Click the "Setting", and "identification information" for configuration. You can set the sender display name, the sender's e-mail address (address of From line), and the signature. Those who set alias addresses need to be set as the sender's e-mail address here. Finally click "Save" to save the setting.

You can also set whether or not to automatically add the signature set from "Setting" and "Message creation".

To create a mail folder, click "Setting", "Folder", "+" in the folder column, enter the folder name and click "Save". The folder management page can also be