This page describes setting of Google Nexus 5 (OS: Andorind4.4 kitkat). There are many kinds of Android terminals, we can not cover everything.

1.1 Select "Add account" in "Settings"

1.2 Select "IMAP" in "Add Account"

1.3 "Account setting"

Mail addressYour mail address
PasswordYour password used with SSO-KID.

1.4 Account type

Select "IMAP" for "This account type.

1.5 IMAP server setting

User nameYour SSO-KID
PasswordYour password used with SSO-KID
Types of securitySTARTTLS (approve all certificates)

1.6 SMTP server settings

Types of securitySSL/TLS(approve all certificates)
Check "Require login"
UsernameYour SSO-KID
PasswordYour password used with SSO-KID

1.7 "Account setting" (last)

  • Choose an appropriate value with "Frequency of checking inbox" and so on. Even the initial value (every 15 minutes, informing the incoming call, ...) does not matter.
  • Finally, give an appropriate name to the account.

2.1 Start the mail application

2.2 Using the mail application

3.1 Select the target account in "Settings"

3.2 In the setting, select "Delete Account" on the upper left

  • When using mail with IMAP, mail data is held on the server.
  • If you delete a mail on your devide, the mail data on the server also disappears.
  • If you move a mail to a folder on your device, the mail data on the server also moves.
  • Even if you delete the IMAP account on your device, mail data on the server will not be deleted.