There are three ways to use primary E-mail service. It is possible to combine several ways.

  • (1) Forward to another E-mail address which you already have.
  • (2) Read/Write E-mails on multiple devices. (IMAP, Webmail)
  • (3) Read/Write E-mails on your one device. (POP)

Each has advantages and disadvantages.

If you use a different mail server, forwarding is better. Mails which is sent to an address of the primary mail service, are forwarded to the address which you set. For details, refer to the forwarding page.


The final destination of E-mails is primary E-mail server, so all E-mails are stored in the storage of primary E-mail server. Since all mails are managed on the server side, it is convenient for multiple devices. Web mail can also be used. Please refer the followings according to your device.


If you want to manage all E-mails in your own device, you should use mailer software using POP. E-mails which arrives at primary mail server are downloaded to your PC. For details, see "PC (POP)".