This page shows specifications of the primary mail system.

Outline of QUMA
Mail server
Configuration for mail
(Setting of mail forwarding and alias)
ItemSending (SMTP)Receiving (IMAP) Receiving (POP)
Host name
Authentication ID / PW Kyushu U's SSO-KID and Password
Protocl and port SMTP over SSL: 465
SMTP over TLS: 587
(submission ポート)
IMAP over SSL: 993
IMAP over TLS: 143
POP3 over SSL: 995
POP3 over TLS: 110
If you are in trouble of account activation, password change, or forgotten passwords, please check the ID and Authentication web site.
Mail address Your E-mail address is generated by your name, like
Please note that this address may change due to SSO-KID changing due to change in employment form.
Alias address You can get an alias address based on the letter of your name at setting site. (
Forwarding You can forward mails form Kyushu address to other address (setting site). The following two can be selected in the transfer setting.
  • Forward all mail without copy
  • Forward all mail with copy (keepcopy).
Spool capacity8GB
Expire date No limit
Size limit of mail (sending/receiving) 20MB.
It is possible to send/receive up to 20MB of mail. Mail with sizes larger than 20 MB can not be received (error mail returns to the sender).
Available userGiven SSO-KID person
Start date of use Date of SSO-KID registration. Staff members are on appointment date.
End date of use After 100 days from SSO-KID account deletion.(official retirement date) Mail data is deleted simultaneously.
Staff can increase the spool capacity to 40GB if you apply upgrade service (upgrade is charged).