Spam mail is an advertisement purpose E-mails sent without permission. Approximately 90% of e-mails around the world are spam mails. Virus mail is an e-mail which includes a virus-infected file.

In the university primary E-mail system, anti-virus function is installed. All E-mails are mechanically scanned. If the ditector judged an E-mail as virus mail, then it will be automatically deleted.

Virus mail is detected with high precision, but it is not perfect. The Information infrastructure initiative provide security software for university PCs. To protect your data and PC, please install security software in your PC.

Unsolicited e-mail (spam mail) is proccessed as follows.

  1. Mail from the host registered in the "black list" is rejected (not received). Solicited mails may be sent from a host in the blacklist, but it's too rare. Black list mail rejection will not compromise the reliability of useful mail delivery.
  2. All recieved E-mails are checked by the spam filter. For mail judged as spam mail by the filter, the word "spam" is automatically inserted in the subject.